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Posted by Jimmy Settles on 05/13/2020

Cargo Flights

(ITIA) Since the COVID-19 crisis began, air cargo has been a vital partner in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components), and in keeping global supply chains functioning for the most time-sensitive materials. This has been done through dedicated cargo freighter operations, utilization of cargo capacity in passenger aircraft, and relief flights to affected areas. Braniff Virutal will begin Cargo Flights around the world today. Our pilots will fly any aircraft to any destination. Post your Cargo Flights to the Forum so we can see what you are flying!

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Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SCC5542Marty BarnesKXNAKLAX737-82303.13-611 ft/mPending
BNF1048 (2A)Dion FreyKMIAKDCAA321-23102.05-167 ft/mAccepted
BNF1131Eric Van MaanenKDALKPHXB737-20001.52-158 ft/mAccepted
SCC908Nicolas BarrosSEQUSKBODC-8-3201.13-88 ft/mAccepted
BNE917Graham SmithNZAARKSIB747-8F11.17-377 ft/mAccepted
BNE2618Marty BarnesKLASKDALA320-23202.00-433 ft/mAccepted
BNE2Graham SmithYSSYNZAA737-700F02.39-220 ft/mAccepted
SCC218Marcus BrownKSEAPANC737-800BCF03.37-743 ft/mAccepted
BNE34Graham SmithYPADYSSY737-700F01.38-191 ft/mAccepted
BNE34Paul FindlaysonYPADYSSY737-700F01.46-183 ft/mAccepted

Pilots Online

Graham SmithNew Zealand


Pilots: 16
Total Airline Hours: 21,593
Flights: 5,951
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 6,942,388
Aircraft: 1293
Passengers: 10,762,783
Routes: 9703

Newest Pilots

VOZ111 Cameron Stewart
BNF110 Martin Pereira
BNE109 Conklin Book
BNF108 Rudy Stubbs
VOZ107 Paul Findlayson

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